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Numbers ()

Produced by

KOKUS Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Lukas Press and Robyn Kay-Pilarski
Choreographers: Lukas Press and Kay-Ann Ward and Rebecca Reinhart and Shameka Blake and Jen Oleksiuk and Kate Knox and Marta Ess
Writer: Robyn Kay-Pilarski
Music: Robyn Kay-Pilarski


Factory Mainspace Theatre


July 6th, 2012 – July 15th, 2012


Numbers is the account of a young Jewish girl’s turmoil and hope, during WWII. Numbers symbolizes the dehumanizing statistic Jews were reduced to, but each of their lives and faith transcended them in time. (


Ella Ballentine Actress / Daughter Felicia
Ava Louise Dedrik Actress / Understudy
Natalie Dee Dancer / Mother
Nicholas Eichenberger Dancer / Father
Trina Josdal Dancer
Karissa Polsom Dancer
Hannah Macdonald Dancer
Sebastian Hirtenstein Dancer
Mateo Galindo Torres Dancer
Kyla Taylor-Mitchell Dancer
Rachel Cowal Dancer
Davin Furtado Dancer
Emilea Smith Dancer
Nikky Passmore Dancer
Camille Dziewurski Dancer

Creative Team

Lukas Press Director
Robyn Kay-Pilarski Director
Lukas Press Choreographer
Kay-Ann Ward Choreographer
Rebecca Reinhart Choreographer
Shameka Blake Choreographer
Jen Oleksiuk Choreographer
Kate Knox Choreographer
Marta Ess Choreographer
Robyn Kay-Pilarski Script
Robyn Kay-Pilarski Song-Writer
Rebecca Reinhart Assistant Director
Ghada Hamadani Costume Designer


Kay-Ann Ward Production Manager
Kay-Ann Ward Assistant
Natasha Kudashkina Make-up Artist
Natasha Kudashkina Video
Natasha Kudashkina Graphic Designer
Rhonda Nolan Artist
Rhonda Nolan Painter