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Hogtown: The Immersive Experience ()

Produced by

The Hogtown Collective

Presented by

Campbell House

Director: Sam Rosenthal
Playwrights: Sam Rosenthal and Drew Carnwath


Campbell House


January 26, 2016


January 27th, 2016 – January 31st, 2016


It’s the night before a big Toronto election (in fact, as the night before Election Day, it’s also New Years’ Eve). Not exactly the place you’d expect to find the two frontrunners… and yet on this night both incumbent Thomas Foster and chief rival, Councilman Sam McBride will make an appearance. But they’re not here JUST to squeeze votes out of the clubs’ patrons. There’s something else going on, for both of them. 

Foster is here to meet with Union boss, Bob Delacourt – he’s the one with the real power in this town. Delacourt has the power to sway the election, one way or the other, as his members will vote the way Delacourt directs them. In return, Delacourt demands that his drivers get a minimum wage raise – a tough order for the notoriously penny pinching mayor. Foster also knows that, currently, Delacourt and his membership are backing McBride in this race. Foster is here to make a deal… whatever it takes, including a threat to Delacourt (contained in a manila envelope).

Tonight there’s rumour of a surprise visitor: Frank Vitalli himself, looking to forge a new market in Toronto. Even though he’s famous for saying “I don’t even know what street Toronto is on.”

Incorporating drama, music and dance, HOGTOWN aims to create a completely immersive environment where the audience has the power to create their own adventure and discover the dark secrets of our city’s past.


Drew Carnwath Ben Stein
Allan Price Lol Solmon
Aisha Jarvis Sally Styles / Dancer
Claire Frances Muir Janice Waterton / Temperance Lady / Sister Beauty
Conrad Bergschneider Donato Grata
Dana Fradkin Veronica "Ronnie" McBride
David W. Keeley Bob Delacourt
David Rosser Sam McBride
David Talbot Jackson Busch
Dov Mickelson Tracy Doyle
Duff MacDonald Solly Schwartz
Esther Thibault Marion Smalls / Temperance Lady / Sister Abundance
Gabi Epstein Maddy Foster
Harry Judge Tommy Burt
Jenni Burke Cali-Mays Johnson
Jerome Bourgault Thomas Foster
Jorge Molina Gil Schwartz
Kelly Holiff Louise "Lulu" Hearts
Kirstin Hinton Frances "Fanny" McBride
Laura Larson Anastasia Petrov / Dancer
Lea Beauvais Diana Sparks / Dancer
Lori Nancy Kalamanski Libby Prowse
Marcia Tratt Mary O'Grady Hunt / Temperance Leader / Sister Truth
Matt Richardson Sir Joseph Flavelle / Hank Dyer
Michael Lamport Mad Tom
Michelle Suzanne Pauline Sabine / Temperance Lady / Sister Love
Nicole Marie McCafferty Toni Swift
Nora Sheehan Marilyn Foster
Robert Clarke Police Chief Draper
Scott White J.P. Salsberg / Worthy Patron
Susie Burnett June-Mable Mercy / Temperance Lady / Worthy Matron
Tim Machin Tanner Busch
Tara Baxendale Josephine Boweather / Temperance Lady / Sister Wisdom
Siobhan Richardson Katie O'Malley
Bobby Hsu Joey Fitzroy
Ben Bain Big Pig

Creative Team

Sam Rosenthal Director
Sam Rosenthal Playwright
Drew Carnwath Playwright
Nicola Pantin Choreographer
Naomi Costain Assistant Choreographer
David Wootton Set Designer
Jan Venus Costume Designer
Siobhan Richardson Fight Director
Michelle Suzanne Music Director
Paul Humphrey Sound Designer
Daniel Abrahamson Musical Rehearsal Assistant
Ben Bain Dramaturge


Michael Barber Jazz Ensemble Leader
Bobby Hsu Saxophone
Jay Boehmer Drums
Chris Adriaanse Bass
Bennett Young Alternate Bass


Michael Panich Stage Manager
Sam Rosenthal Producer
Drew Carnwath Story Editor
Virginia Cardinal Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Lakatosh Assistant Stage Manager
Ken James Stewart Assistant Stage Manager
Ben Bain Usher Captain
Nik Murillo Marketing
Nik Murillo Graphic Designer
Susan Waycik Marketing Assistant
Ilan Waldman Technical Director


Liz Driver House Manager
Shannon Todd House Manager