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The Book of Mormon ()

Produced by

Important Musicals and Sonia Friedman Productions

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Book: Trey Parker and Robert Lopez and Matt Stone
Music: Trey Parker and Robert Lopez and Matt Stone
Lyrics: Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Robert Lopez
Directors: Casey Nicholaw and Trey Parker


The Princess of Wales Theatre


September 16th, 2014 – November 30th, 2014


The Book of Mormon follows two young missionaries who are sent to Uganda to try to convert citizens to the Mormon religion. One missionary, Elder Price, is an enthusiastic go-getter with a strong dedication to his faith, while his partner, Elder Cunningham, is a socially awkward but well meaning nerd whose tendency to embroider the truth soon lands him in trouble. Upon their arrival in Africa, Elders Price and Cunningham learn that in a society plagued by AIDS, poverty and violence, a successful mission may not be as easy as they expected. (


Gavin Creel Elder Price
Christopher John O’Neill Elder Cunningham
Alexandra Ncube Nabulungi
Ron Bohmer Price's Dad / Missionary Training Centre Voice / Joseph Smith / Mission President
Peter Mitchell Elder McKinley
Corey Jones General
Stanley Wayne Mathis Mafala Hatimbi
Ebony Blake Ensemble
Colin Bradbury Swing
Josh Breckenridge Ensemble
JR Bruno Ensemble
Michael Buchanan Ensemble
Chad Burris Standby Elder Cunningham
Jonathan Cullen Standby Elder Price
Josh Daniel Swing
Dayna Jarea Dantzler Swing
Trevon Davis Ensemble
C.J. Eldred Standby Elder Price
Kelechi Ezie Ensemble
Christopher Faison Ensemble
Logan Hart Ensemble
Keziah John-Paul Swing
Carole Denise Jones Swing
Tyler Jones Ensemble
Trevor Leaderbrand Swing
Daniel LeClaire Ensemble
Antyon Le Monte Swing
Adam Levinskas Ensemble
Dimitri Joseph Motse Swing
Dana Joel Nicholson Elder Cunningham Standby
Lacretta Nicole Ensemble
Daniel Plimpton Ensemble
Tyrone Robinson Ensemble
Clinton Sherwood Swing
Kristopher Thompson-Bolden Ensemble
Zurin Villanueva Ensemble
Jamaal Wilson Swing
Paris Alexander Nesbitt Swing

Creative Team

Trey Parker Book
Robert Lopez Book
Matt Stone Book
Trey Parker Music
Robert Lopez Music
Matt Stone Music
Matt Stone Lyrics
Trey Parker Lyrics
Robert Lopez Lyrics
Casey Nicholaw Director
Trey Parker Director
Casey Nicholaw Choreographer
Scott Pask Scenic Designer
Ann Roth Costume Designer
Brian MacDevitt Lighting Designer
Brian Ronan Sound Designer
Josh Marquette Hair Designer
Randy Houston Mercer Makeup Design
Stephen Oremus Music Supervisor
Stephen Oremus Vocal Arrangements
Stephen Oremus Co-Orchestrator
Larry Hochman Co-Orchestrator
Brian Usifer Associate Music Supervisor
Justin Mendoza Music Director
Michael Keller Music Coordinator
Marc Bruni Associate Director
Steve Bebout Broadway Associate Director
Jennifer Werner Broadway Associate Director
John MacInnis Associate Choreographer
Frank McCullough Associate Scenic Designer
Lauren Alvarez Assistant Scenic Designer
Christine Peters Assistant Scenic Designer
Orit Carroll Assistant Scenic Designer
Matthew Pachtman Associate Costume Designer
Irma Brainard Assistant Costume Designer
Benjamin C. Travis Associate Lighting Designer
Rob Denton Assistant Lighting Designer
Cody Spencer Associate Sound Designer


Justin Mendoza Conductor
Jon Balcourt Associate Conductor
Justin Mendoza Keys 1
Jon Balcourt Keys 2
Andres Forero Drums
Randy Cohen Keyboard Programmer
Vern Dorge Reeds (Local)
Jason Logue Trumpet (Local)
Doug Gibson Trombone (Local)
Moira Burke Violin / Viola (Local)
Tristan Avakian Guitar (Local)
Mike Pellarin Bass (Local)
Michael Vieira Keyboard Substitute


Kimberly Fisk Production Stage Manager
Michael Pule Stage Manager
Brian Bogin Assistant Stage Manager
David Turner General Manager
Anne Garefino Producer
Scott Rudin Producer
Roger Berlind Producer
Scott M. Delman Producer
Jean Doumanian Producer
Roy Furman Producer
Stephanie P. McClelland Producer
Kevin Morris Producer
John B. Platt Producer
Stuart Thompson Executive Producer
Eli Bush Associate Producer
Carrie Gardner Casting
Lily Alia General Management Associate
Gregg Arst General Management Associate
Kevin Emrick General Management Associate
Michele Haberman General Management Associate
James Lawson General Management Associate
Adam J. Miller General Management Associate
Shaun Moorman General Management Associate
Lee Poulin General Management Associate
Glen Kelly General Management Associate
Julie Schneider General Management Associate
Zachary Spitzer General Management Associate
Brittany Weber General Management Associate
Matthew L. Wright General Management Associate
Kevin Beebee Company Manager
Gene O’Donovan Production Manager
Ben Heller Production Manager
Chris Minnick Production Manager
Jarid Sumner Production Manager
Liza Luxenberg Production Manager
Anthony Jusino Production Manager
Rachel London Production Manager
David Cook Production Manager
Bridget Van Dyke Production Manager
Melissa Mazdra Production Manager
Rob Ward Production Manager
Meredith Blair Tour Booking Management
Kara Gebhart Tour Booking Management
Laura Matalon Tour Press & Marketing
Marya K. Peters Tour Press & Marketing
John Gilmour Tour Press & Marketing
Meghan McDonald Tour Press & Marketing
Doug Blemker Tour Press & Marketing
Mary Alyce Blum Tour Press & Marketing
Sarah Dahlberg Tour Press & Marketing
Andrew Damer Tour Press & Marketing
Jennifer Gallagher Tour Press & Marketing
Anne Dailey Meyer Tour Press & Marketing
Jacqueline Smith Tour Press & Marketing
Susan Brumley Associate Company Manager
Colin Bradbury Dance Captain
Carole Denise Jones Assistant Dance Captain
Brenda Abbandandolo Costume Shopper
Mike Martinez Production Carpenter
Dan Coey Production Electrician
Christopher C. Sloan Production Sound Engineer
Peter Sarafin Production Properties
David John Arch Moving Light Programmer
Keith Reese Head Carpenter
Chris Cory Advance Carpenter
Ronnie Sukinik Flyman
Forrest Hinman Automation
John Croissant Assistant Carpenter
Vera Pizzarelli Head Props
Scott Gibson Assistant Props
Steve Deidel Head Electrician
Collier Woods Advance Electrician
Jody Durham Advance Electrician
Sean Hamilton Deck / Moving Lights
Steve Ramondo Followspot
Chad Parsley Head Sound
Jeff McWay Assistant Sound
Wayne Spellman Wardrobe Supervisor
Virginia Ohnesorge Assistant Wardrobe
Michael Harrell Stitcher
Yolanda Pollock Hair Supervisor
Rosemary Lucius-Louis Assistant Hair
Carly Price Assistant to the Producers
Jack Zegarski Assistant to the Producers
Alan D. Knight Production Assistant
Michelle Heller Production Assistant
Katrina Stevens Production Assistant
Kate S. Boka Casting Associate
Rick Whitelaw Contractor (Local)