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The Lion King ()

Produced by

Disney Theatrical Productions

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Music and Lyrics By: Elton John and Tim Rice

Book By: Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi


Adapted from the screenplay by Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and Linda Woolverton


The Princess of Wales Theatre


April 30th, 2014 – June 15th, 2014


A lively stage adaptation of the Academy Award-winning 1994 Disney film, The Lion King is the story of a young lion prince living in the flourishing African Pride Lands. (


Patrick R. Brown Scar
L Steven Taylor Mufasa
Tshidi Manye Rafiki
Nick Cordileone Timon
Andrew Gorell Zazu
Ben Lipitz Pumbaa
Jelani Remy Simba
Nia Holloway Nala
Keith Bennett Banzai
Rashada Dawan Shenzi
Robb Sapp Ed / Understudy for Timon / Understudy for Zazu
Jordan A. Hall Young Simba
Nya Cymore Carter Young Nala
Tyrah Skye Odoms Young Nala
Nathaniel Logan Mcintyre Young Simba
Andrew Arrington Swing / Understudy for Banzai / Understudy for Ed
Raymond Baynard Ensemble
Izell O Blunt Swing
Russell Joel Brown Ensemble / Understudy for Mufasa
Amyia Burrell Ensemble
Thembelihle Cele Ensemble / Understudy for Nala
Leroy Church Ensemble
Erynn Marie Dickerson Ensemble
Tony Freeman Standby for Scar / Zazu / Timon / Pumbaa
Mukelisiwe Goba Ensemble / Understudy for Rafiki
Deidrea Halley Swing
Shameika Hines Ensemble
Michael Hollick Standy for Scar / Pumba
J E Johnson Ensemble
Blaine Alden Krauss Ensemble / Understudy for Simba
Deidre Lang Swing / Understudy for Rafiki / Understudy for Shenzi / Understudy for Sarabi
Mykal D Laury II Swing
Farah Lopez Swing / Understudy for Shenzi
Tonoccus McClain Ensemble / Understudy for Banzai
Aisha Mitchell Ensemble
Kendra Moore Swing
Selena Moshell Ensemble
Sihle Ngema Ensemble
Lilli-Anne Parks Ensemble
Rob Parks Ensemble / Understudy for Simba / Understudy for Ed
Kevin Petite Ensemble
Lashonda Reese Ensemble
Maurice Roland Ensemble / Understudy for Nala / Understudy for Shenzi / Understudy for Sarabi
Mpume Sikakane Ensemble / Understudy for Rafiki
John Sloan III Ensemble / Understudy for Banzai
Vusi Sondiyazi Ensemble / Understudy for Mufasa
Thandazile A Soni Ensemble / Understudy for Rafiki
Derrick Spear Ensemble
Sophia Stephens Ensemble / Swing
Bravita Threatt Swing
Tryphena Wade Ensemble / Sarabi
Raena White Ensemble / Understudy for Sarabi
Frank Wright II Swing / Understudy Mufasa

Creative Team

Julie Taymor Director
Roger Allers Book
Irene Mecchi Book
Elton John Music
Tim Rice Lyrics
Julie Taymor Costume Designer
Julie Taymor Puppet Design
Julie Taymor Additional Lyrics
Lebohang Morake Additional Lyrics
Lebohang Morake Additional Music
Lebohang Morake Vocal Arrangements
Lebohang Morake Additional Vocal Score
Lebohang Morake Vocal Director
Mark Mancina Additional Music
Mark Mancina Additional Lyrics
Mark Mancina Additional Score
Garth Fagan Choreographer
Richard Hudson Scenic Designer
Steve Kennedy Sound Designer
Donald Holder Lighting Designer
Michael Curry Puppet Design
Michael Curry Mask Designer
Michael Ward Hair and Make-up Designer
Hans Zimmer Additional Music and Lyrics
Jay Rifkin Additional Music and Lyrics
John Stefaniuk Associate Director
Marey Griffith Associate Choreographer
Norwood J Pennewell Assistant Choreographer
Natalie Rogers Assistant Choreographer
Clement Ishmael Musical Supervision
Robert Elhai Orchestrations
David Metzger Orchestrations
Michael Keller Music Coordinator
Rick Snyder Music Director
Deborah Shrimpton Resident Director
Geoff Myers Resident Dance Supervisor
Celise Hicks Dance Supervisor
Anthony Lyn Supervising Resident Director
David Kreppel Associate Music Supervisor
Peter Eastman Associate Scenic Designer
Mary Nemecek Peterson Associate Costume Designer
Louis Troisi Associate Puppet Designer
Louis Troisi Associate Mask Designer
John Shivers Associate Sound Designer
Carole Hancock Associate Hair and Makeup Designer
Jeanne Koenig Associate Lighting Designer
Marty Vreeland Assistant Lighting Designer
Lara Dubin 2nd Assistant Lighting Designer
Shane Cook Assistant Sound Designer
Rachel Attridge Costume Design Assistant
Aland Henderson Automated Light Designer
Tiffany Hicks Assistant to Associate Make Up & Hair Designer
Rick Sordelet Fight Director
Linda Wolverton Screenplay Adaption
Jonathan Roberts Screenplay Adaption
Jeff Marder Electronic Music Design


Rick Snyder Conductor
Rick Snyder Keyboard
Jamie Schmidt Associate Conductor
Jamie Schmidt Keyboard
Angela Jamieson Associate Conductor
Angela Jamieson Keyboard
Hugh Mason Bass
Mike Faue Marimba
Stefan Monssen Percussion
Kay Ragsdale Flutes
Woonkuo Soon Violon


David Benken Technical Director
Kenneth J Davis Production Stage Manager
Matthew Lambert Stage Manager
Beth Bornstein Assistant Stage Manager
Katrina Stevens Assistant Stage Manager
Jovon E Shuck Move Assistant Stage Manager
Jay Binder Casting
Chris Montan Executive Music Producer
Robert Elhai Associate Music Producer
Anne Quart Associate Producer
Doc Zorthian Production Supervisor
Myriah Perkins Senior Production Manager
Thomas Schlenk Production Manager
Michael Height Production Manager
Kelly Archer Production Coordinator
Zachary Baer Production Coordinator
Fred Hemminger Company Manager
Emily Powell Associate Company Manager
Richard Howard Production Carpenter
Jimmy Maloney Production Electrician
Victor Amerling Production Propman
Kjeld Andersen Production Wardrobe Supervisor
Billy Kimbley Head Carpenter
Izell O Blunt Dance Captain
Kendra Moore Dance Captain
Dennis Crowley Senior Publicist
Gregory Hanoian National Press Representative
Chad Rowe Automation Carpenter
Sean Sullivan Automation Carpenter
Joe Bogdan Flyman
Kevin Lowther Flyman
Brett Seales Flying Supervision
Stephen Detmer Assistant Technical Director
James Sample Head Electrician
June Abernathy Front Light Operator
Harley Whitehurst Front Light Operator
Margaret Sump Vari-Light Operator
Eric Hagenbarth Head Propman
Patrick Lohrer Assistant Propman
Jack Montgomery Assistant Propman
Kevin Higley Sound Engineer
Paul McTernan Assistant Sound Engineer
Brent Bullard Advance Sound Engineer
Ben Huggins Advance Sound Engineer
Gregory Young Wardrobe Supervisor
Barbara Wilson Move Wardrobe
Keith Coultas Wardrobe Assistant
Gretchen Heidenreich Wardrobe Assistant
Anthony Padilla Wardrobe Assistant
Michael Reilly Puppet Supervisor
Nancy Hennessy Puppet Assistant
Sue McLaughlin Puppet Assistant
Bruce Paul Reik Puppet Assistant
Jennifer Ivey Hair & Make Up Supervisor
Valerie Anderson Hair and Makeup Assistant
Tammy Potts-Merritt Hair and Makeup Assistant
Barry Bradford Crew Swing
Scott Smith Advance Carpenter
Donald Oliver Music Preparation
Bob Haley Personal Assistant to Elton John
Dan Sheehan Move Carpenter
Mike Gosenski Move Carpenter
Robert Ferree Advance Electrician
Jeff Hartford Move Electrician
Steve Templeton Move Electrician
Taylor J. Williams Associate Synth Programmer
Eileen Heinink Assistant to Tim Rice