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Wicked ()

Produced by

The Araca Group and Universal Pictures Stage Productions

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Music: Stephen Schwartz
Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz
Book: Winne Holzman
Director: Joe Mantello

Based on the novel by Gregory Maguire


CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre


October 10th, 2006 – December 31st, 2006


Based on the novel by Gregory Maguire, Wicked is the story of The Land of Oz, The Emerald City and The Yellow Brick Road long before Dorothy and Toto. Concerning Glinda and Elphaba, better known as The Good Witch and The Wicked Witch of The West, this is the story of an unlikely friendship and how love, ambitions and accomplishments dictate the paths they chose, and the rest of their lives. (


Shoshana Bean Elphaba
Megan Hilty Glinda
Alma Cuervo Madame Morrible
P.J. Benjamin The Wizard
K. Todd Freeman Doctor Dillamond
Cliffton Hall Fiyero
Josh Lamon Boq
Jennifer Waldman Nessarose
Victoria Matlock Standby for Elphaba
Stephen Lee Anderson Witch's Father / Ozian Official / Understudy for Wizard and Dillamond
Timothy George Anderson Ensemble
Terra Lynn Arrington Ensemble
Laura Dysarczyk Swing / Understudy for Nessarose, Witch's Mother, and Midwife
Maria Eberline Ensemble / Understudy for Elphaba and Nessarose
Luis Figueroa Ensemble
Celisse Henderson Ensemble / Understudy for Madame Morrible
Kyle Hill Chistery
Lori Holmes Witch's Mother / Understudy for Nessarose
Chelsea Krombach Swing
Adam Lambert Ensemble / Understudy for Fiyero
Philip Dean Lightstone Swing / Understudy for Witch's Father, Ozian Official, and Chistery
Andrew Madsen Ensemble
Kyle McDaniel Ensemble / Understudy for Fiyero
Michele Micholas Ensemble
Kristen F. Oei Swing
K. W. Miller Ensemble / Understudy for Boq
Jonathan Ritter Ensemble / Understudy for Boq
Emily Rozek Ensemble / Understudy for Glinda
Christopher Russo Ensemble / Understudy for The Wizard, Dr. Dillamond, Witch's Father, and Ozian Official
Adam Sanford Ensemble / Understudy for Boq
Brian Slaman Ensemble
Paul Slade Smith Witch's Father / Ozian Official / Understudy for the Wizard and Dr. Dillamond
James Tabeek Swing / Understudy for Chistery
Barbara Tirrell Midwife / Understudy for Madame Morrible
Laura Woyasz Ensemble / Understudy for Glinda
Sunny Yokoyama Ensemble

Creative Team

Stephen Schwartz Music
Stephen Schwartz Lyrics
Winne Holzman Book
Joe Mantello Director
Wayne Cilento Musical Staging
Eugene Lee Scenic Designer
Susan Hilferty Costume Designer
Kenneth Posner Lighting Designer
Tony Meola Sound Designer
Elaine J. McCarthy Projection Designer
Tom Watson Wig and Hair Designer
Joe Dulude II Makeup Designer
William David Brohn Orchestrations
Alex Lacamoire Music Arrangements
Stephen Oremus Music Arrangements
Dominick Amendum Music Director
Stephen Oremus Music Supervision
Jim Abbott Dance Arrangements
Michael Keller Music Coordinator
Edward Pierce Associate Set Designer
Chic Silber Special Effects
Mark Myars Assistant Choreographer
Lisa Leguillou Associate Director
Kristen Leigh Gorski Assistant Choreographer
Nick Francone Assistant Scenic Designer
Francis Keeping Oz Map Design
Michael Sharpe Associate Costume Designer
Amela Baksic Assistant Costume Designer
Mary-Margaret O’Neill Assistant Costume Designer
Amy Clark Assistant Costume Designer
Martin Lopez Assistant Costume Designer
Karen Spahn Associate Lighting Designer
Warren Flynn Associate Lighting Designer
Aaron Spivey Assistant Lighting Designer
Kai Harada Associate Sound Designer
Adam Rigby Assistant Sound Designer
Jake Pinholster Assistant Projection Designer
Aaron Waitz Special Effects Associate
Charles LaPointe Associate Hair Designer


Peter Van Dyke Production Stage Manager
Amy Tepel Stage Manager
Rolando A. Linares Assistant Stage Manager
Steve Quinn Company Manager
Ken Silverman Engagement Manager
Marc Platt Producer
John B. Platt Producer
David Stone Producer
Michael Cole Assistant to Mr. Schwartz
Bernie Telsey Casting
Will Cantler Casting
David Vaccari Casting
Bethany Knox Casting
Craig Burns Casting
Tiffany Little Canfield Casting
Stephanie Yankwitt Casting
Carrie Rosson Casting
Justin Huff Casting
Joe Langworth Casting
Tanya Grubich Marketing
Anne Rippey Marketing
Laura Matalon Marketing
Phillip Aleman Marketing
Tanya Grubich Publicity
Anne Rippey Publicity
Laura Matalon Publicity
Phillip Aleman Publicity
Warren Flynn Automated Lights
Kai Harada Production Sound Engineer
Hillary Knox Projection Programmer
Gareth Smith
Ari Sachter-Zeltzer
Rick Howard Production Carpenter
Mick Lohrer Head Carpenter
Justin Klynsma Automation Carpenter
Stuart Dobbie Assistant Carpenter
Kent Hasper Assistant Carpenter
Patrick Musni Assistant Carpenter
Robert Fehribach Production Electrician
Rick Tatum Head Electrician
Mike Flynn Assistant Electrician
Jacob Martin Assistant Electrician
George Wagner Production Properties Supervisor
Trevor Ricci Head Properties
Kyle Barrineau Assistant Props
Michael Weferling Head Sound Engineer
Brian Kallaher Production Wardrobe Supervisor
John Furrow Wardrobe Supervisor
Shevhan Lusteck Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
Mark Seasly Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
Lisa Thomas Hair Supervisor
Andrea DiVincenzo Assistant Hair Supervisor
Matthew W. Mungle Masks and Prosthetics
Ryan Mcdowell Masks and Prosthetics
Chris Cory Advance Carpenter
Joel Gburek Advance Carpenter
Matt Levy Advance Carpenter
Dave Radar Advance Carpenter
Dennis Richards Advance Carpenter
Eric Rimes Advance Electrician
Mike Ward Advance Electrician
Allen Rowand Advance Sound
Laurie Turnau Advance Sound
Cyndie Cory Advance Wardrobe
Stacey Stephens Advance Wardrobe
Ana M. Garcia Assistant Technical Supervisor
Andrew Barrett Synthesizer Programming
Chuck Pierce Guitar Effects Programming


Bill Asselstine Head Electrician
Frank Galle Head Carpenter
Paul Axford Head of Properties
Steve Devine Head of Sound