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Produced by

The Child-Ish Collective

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Sunny Drake
Director: Alan Dilworth


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


August 8th, 2019 – August 14th, 2019


Aren’t we all a little childish when it comes to relationships?

CHILD-ISH is a verbatim play drawn from interviews with children about love and dating. Children’s exact words are re-contextualized into adult situations for adult actors, with surprising, hilarious and moving results. (


Maggie Huculak Performer
Walter Borden Performer
Zorana Sadiq Performer
Itir Arditi Performer
Sonny Mills Performer

Creative Team

Sunny Drake Playwright
Alan Dilworth Director
Katrina Darychuk Associate Director
Eponine Lee Young Dramaturg
Sumayya Iman Malik Young Dramaturg
Ozzy Rae Horvath Young Dramaturg
Brian Quirt Adult Dramaturg
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Ken MacKenzie Set Designer
Ken MacKenzie Costume Designer
Deanna H. Choi Sound Designer
Frank Incer Assistant Sound Designer
Monica Dottor Movement


Sarah Miller Stage Manager
Joel Klein Producer
Sunny Drake Producer
Andy McKim Champion
Brittany Ryan Producing Consultant
Régine Cadet Producing Consultant
Kelly Read Producing Consultant
Chris Reynolds Producing Consultant
Annemieke Wade Producing Consultant
Andrew Lamb Producing Consultant
Eva Verity Children's Process / Other Consultant
Ho Ka Kei (Jeff Ho) Children's Process / Other Consultant
Rachel Mishenene Children's Process / Other Consultant
Kusha Dadui Children's Process / Other Consultant
Zoë Erwin-Longstaff Transcription
Caleb Nault Transcription
Kate Klein Transcription
Laura Barrett Transcription
Bana Khoury Arabic Translation
Jessica Greenberg Director of Child Engagement
Mia McGrinder Young Co-Interviewer
Sadie Kopyto Primack Young Facilitator
Elora Gerson Young Facilitator
Owen Ross Young Facilitator
Mohamed Al Shanour Child Collaborator
Nadine Al Shanour Child Collaborator
Cora Barker-Badour Child Collaborator
Sadie Barker-Badour Child Collaborator
Stanley Safran Bergman Child Collaborator
Julien Desrochers-Dioso Child Collaborator
Joshua Drake Child Collaborator
Jasmine Eastmond Child Collaborator
Weston Horvath Child Collaborator
Harlow Joy Child Collaborator
Sacha Page Lafelur Child Collaborator
Em McDonald Child Collaborator
Lulu McGrinder Child Collaborator
Miyoteh Pechawis Child Collaborator
Caitlin Peleshok Child Collaborator
Jai Persad Child Collaborator
Tharan Johal Pretzer Child Collaborator
Layna Roxy Child Collaborator
Lacey Sara Child Collaborator
Theo Sevitt Child Collaborator
Zac Sevitt Child Collaborator
Saul Smeaton Child Collaborator
Johnny Taylor-Macdonald Child Collaborator
Winter Tomlinson Child Collaborator
Cole Wilcox Child Collaborator
Jonah Quevillon Child Collaborator
Nolan Quevillon Child Collaborator