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Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Seating Capacity

350 (theatre-style); 422 (full-round)



231 Queen's Quay West
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2G8

The Harbourfront Centre Theatre (formerly Enwave Theatre)  is a multi-use venue ideal for music, dance, and theatre presentations. The theatre can be transformed into various seating configurations, from a 350-seat proscenium set-up to a maximum in-the-round capacity of 422 seats. It has two balcony levels and three lobbies.

The Harbourfront Centre The is most often used for dance, theatre or music performances, and is usually rented by the week, generally six months to a year in advance.

During an essential retrofit of the Enwave Theatre’s glass roof and curtain walls, Harbourfront Centre partnered with Enwave to find a cutting-edge solution that would improve the thermal performance of the theatre by preventing leakage and heat loss/gain. As a central part of the retrofit, Enwave funded an arts initiative, commissioning Canadian artist Sarah Hall to create a permanent, large scale solar glass art installation titled Waterglass.

Recent and Upcoming Productions

Asheq: Ritual Music to Cure a Lover (A Prequel) December 5th, 2018 – December 8th, 2018
Goldilocks Goes Bear Hunting May 23rd, 2018 – August 25th, 2018
New Owner May 19th, 2018 – May 21st, 2018
The Jury May 19th, 2018 – May 22nd, 2018
Lear January 9th, 2018 – January 28th, 2018
Raging Dreams: Into the Visceral May 5th, 2017 – May 6th, 2017
Looking for Paul: Inez van Dam vs. the Buttplug Gnome April 26th, 2016 – April 30th, 2016
Nirbhaya November 18th, 2015 – November 29th, 2015
Who Killed Spalding Gray June 20th, 2015 – June 21st, 2015
The Cardinals February 12th, 2015 – February 15th, 2015
All Our Happy Days Are Stupid February 11th, 2015 – February 14th, 2015
The Speedy May 15th, 2014 – May 18th, 2014
Mies Julie May 6th, 2014 – May 10th, 2014
The Shipment May 9th, 2012 – May 12th, 2012
Ajax & Little Iliad April 4th, 2012 – April 8th, 2012
Enter the Shadow: The Life of a B-Boy November 24th, 2011 – November 27th, 2011
‘da Kink in my Hair August 11th, 2011 – August 21st, 2011
The War of the Worlds March 31st, 2011 – April 3rd, 2011
PHOTOG November 17th, 2010 – November 20th, 2010
Once and for all we’re gonna tell you who we are so shut up and listen February 16th, 2010 – February 20th, 2010
Hamlet November 19th, 2009 – November 29th, 2009
The Cleansing of Constance Brown May 5th, 2009 – May 9th, 2009
AfterImage April 16th, 2009 – April 26th, 2009
Hospitality 3: Individualism Was a Mistake November 19th, 2008 – November 22nd, 2008
Damascus April 22nd, 2008 – April 26th, 2008
Jamaica, Farewell January 25th, 2008 – January 27th, 2008
Raging Dreams – Into the Visceral November 6th, 2007 – November 10th, 2007
Sizwe Banzi is Dead April 18th, 2007 – April 22nd, 2007
Particularly in the Heartland March 28th, 2007 – April 1st, 2007
Mabou Mines DollHouse January 24th, 2007 – February 4th, 2007
Echoes and Shavings of Yiddishland September 2nd, 2006 – September 3rd, 2006
I Am NOT a Dinner Mint July 22nd, 2006 – July 30th, 2006
Fool for Love August 4th, 2005 – October 1st, 2005
The Wild Duck July 20th, 2005 – September 3rd, 2005